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    Add:No.611,Tower A,Maples International Center No.32 Xizhimen North Street, Haidian District,Beijing,100082,P.R.China

    About US
    Enerkey Technology Ltd.(Enerkey) ,has always been committed to offering the optimal plans to customer's needs in the oil & gas exploration and development to improve the efficiency customer's cost by adopting advanced technology. Enerkey is a provider of products and services for production optimization of oil and natural gas,pollution control and ecological restoration,EOR service , E &.P of coalbed methane and other unconventional resources,as well as surface facility engineering and construction. With independent intellectual property rights of wastewater treatment technology,Enerkey is able to provide integrated service with project design,preparation of equipment and field operations. Headquartered in Beijing,Enerkey has regional branch offices in Tehran,Dubai,Jakarta,Astana and Hong Kong.Each region has many operational bases to meet the market requirement.
    Business Scope

  • Environmental Protection for oil and gas E &.P Projects
  • Ground Oil Gas and Water Treatment Equipment and Services
  • EOR Services
  • Reservoir Services
  • More...
  • Hong Kong Branch
  • Kazakhstan Branch
  • Iran Branch
  • Indonesia Branch
  • Dubai Office

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